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I didn’t grow up playing golf. I took it up later (age 20) but fell in love with the game. I started playing at the little par 3 course in Golden Gate Park. I was pretty horrible but the cool thing was I either didn’t notice or didn’t care as I was having fun. I moved to Texas in 1984 and started playing regularly.

I moved back to the SF Bay Area in 1987. I was playing regularly in local money games consistently shooting in the 70s and sometimes breaking par. In 1991 I accepted a position as an apprentice golf professional at Harding Park GC. I earned my PGA Class “A” membership in 1995. One of the requirements to qualify for membership is playing in a 36 hole tournament and scoring approximately 10 over for two rounds or scores of 77 or better. My first attempt was combined with the 36 hole US Open Qualifier at Peninsula CC in 1992. I didn’t make it but I learned a lot!

I tried again two weeks later at Windsor Golf Club which at that time was the site of a PGA Hogan Tour (now Tour) event. I not only passed the test, I was medalist by 6 shots shooting 68-72. It was the first time I broke 70 in my life and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Earning my PGA credential was a huge accomplishment for me as it is not an easy task requiring multiple schools, tests, written requirements and a final interview process. I learned a great deal through the PGA program and spent 10 years working in the industry at multiple locations in the Bay Area. The one thing I was sure about was my calling or passion in the business was instruction, not being a head professional, tournament director or otherwise.

“I’m a golfer, not just a golf instructor. I love to play the game and continue to learn and improve. I am passionate and focused and consider it a privilege to partner with golfers to help them improve their games.”

I feel I have been successful as an instructor for many reasons. The education I received from the PGA was tremendous but my passion for the game and constant studying and open minded approach to learning new theories and concepts has been a big part of my development. I also believe starting to golf later in the life (then most people that achieve PGA Membership) plays a big part in my success as an instructor. I didn’t learn when I was a kid but instead an adult so I’ve experienced what it feels like to start from scratch without the imprint of good fundamentals at a young age.

I get most excited working with students that are willing to invest time with me to work on all aspects of the game from the basic fundamentals of building a repeating full swing to developing a solid short game, consistent putting, strong mental approach as well as getting on the golf course and building good course management skills. I want to keep the golf in golf instruction as much as possible. I love to play golf with my students and make sure they understand what I feel is most important which is; not your score but instead that you respect the course and leave it better then you find it, play with class and style regardless of score, play briskly with good etiquette and most important… HAVE FUN!


Rich took my game from an 8 handicap to a 1 in less than 2 years. So many golf teachers have a "golf swing" they try to teach all their students. Rich takes a look at his students game, finds the strength in their swing, and builds the best possible swing around that. This pertains to every club in the bag, from the driver to the putter. His ability to "coach" and communicate with his students is second to none. I'm glad I found him as a coach.

Brad T.

Rich will help you understand and execute on the swing fundamentals, leveraging your strengths and minimizing any weakness. I strongly recommend him as an excellent teaching professional.

Jim K.

As a 7.7 Handicap Rich has helped my swing, but more importantly my mental game tremendously. He has helped me set routines that move my mind away from over thinking, and towards consistent shots over and over and over.

Nate G.

My husband and I just concluded 5 lessons with Rich. I am entirely new to golf and is really starting from zero knowledge. I do not even have a golf club and he let me use his! Rich tailor-fitted his lessons to fit someone like me who knows nothing about golf. He carefully planned each lesson so we are building our knowledge and skills from the previous. He is very patient and has the most genuine desire for us to learn. We truly felt that he cared a lot about us learning the sport. In such a short time, i have learned a lot and I am confident with the fundamentals i learned! Our heartfelt thanks to you, Rich! We feel so blessed to have found you as the person who taught us about golf!

Rita DYelp review

Rich is the most passionate golf coach you'll ever meet. He spends a lot of time after each round analyzing your swing and comparing it to tour players to show you where things don't match up. He's constantly learning about new techniques and teachings. I shot my lowest score, 66, after working with Rich.

Joe GYelp review