My Approach

I teach students to “begin with the end in mind”. Make a swing with no other thought than to finish in balance facing the target. After establishing a good grip, correct posture and alignment, its the simplest way to accurate shots.

I work with all students on an individual basis striving for results via solid fundamentals. My goal with all students is to develop good habits around those fundamentals. I coach my students to utilize a brief routine and play without mechanical thought as much as possible.  I offer several options for all levels, based on your personal wants and needs. I can tailor any package for each student to make sure that you get the maximum benefit for the cost you pay.

Individual Lesson

I offer individual lessons to see if my style is right for you. Purchase a 1 hour lesson for $170 and you will receive video analysis from our session in a follow-up email which will also include suggested drills. Price includes range balls.

Should you decide to then purchase a package discount, I will credit the individual lesson towards the price of the package.

4-Lesson Package Discount

I achieve the best results with students that commit to working with me for more than just one lesson. I prefer to partner up with golfers and work specifically with them based on their balance wheel self assessment. I offer a discounted package of four lessons for $580. This package includes range balls, video analysis, drills, follow up emails outlining what and how to practice.

If you’re serious about improving your game quickly – and you have adequate time to dedicate to lessons and to practice, we can arrange a retainer based approached to lessons. For a flat monthly fee, I can make myself available to you to give instructions or lessons on a weekly basis to help improve your game quickly. If you’re interested in this type of arrangement contact me directly and we will create a custom lesson plan that works for your schedule.


After taking a few lessons and playing with Rich a few times, I went from a 12 handicap to a 6 handicap in less than 1 year. For me, Rich was effective because he spent equal time on both M's, the mechanics and the mental aspect of the game, which helped me manage and understand my game significantly better, resulting in more birdies and less doubles.

Rob H.

Rich's teaching style is unmatched by any other instructor I have ever met. I would consider him a continued coach and mentor for the game of golf. I will continue to recommend Rich to family and friends. Every lesson is extremely impactful for my game

Chris R.

I began working with Rich 8 months ago. Well, since then I've had my first hole-in-one, broke 80 for the first time, and shaved 5 strokes off of my handicap from 15 to 10. Rich is the real deal. He doesn't use a one size fits all approach like other instructors I have been to. He builds off my strengths even if it isn't traditional or by the book. Golf is hard enough as is. He is both a student and teacher of the game, and his passion is evident. I'd recommend him to any player.

Casey KYelp review

I have taken 3 lessons with Rich and he is awesome. Really passionate/knowledgeable. You will play better golf if you take lessons from Rich.

Kevin TYelp review

Rich knows more about the golf swing than most of the pros on Tour. He helped me with my putting stroke and I'm looking forward to more insights about that important part of the game. Highly recommend Rich; he's the best there is figuring out how best to help a golfer whether he or she is a 3 handicap or a 20.

Mark SYelp review