The Balance Wheel

I ask every golfer to assess their knowledge on each area as well as rank how good or bad each area is using a semi circle (close to the center if bad and close to the outer perimeter if good). This self evaluation identifies weaknesses. My approach is to create a plan to get all 4 areas (the semi circles) even effectively creating a balanced inner circle. This Balanced Wheel approach improves all of us as golfers holistically which equates to a significant reduction in average score and a better overall understanding of priorities as it pertains to practice. The goal is to identify weakness then work on that department until it is a strength. Repeat this process over and over.

This diagram represents a sample of an unbalanced wheel – which is common for most golfers. It’s very rare that ANYONE, Pro or otherwise has a perfectly balanced wheel. This particular diagram represents a wheel in which the grey bands indicate alignment. When all parts of the game are working equally well, the grey bands will align. When they are not in alignment, we analyze the areas that need the most focus and begin to address those areas in order to balance each individuals wheel.

Full Swing

We will work on fundamentals to assure the full swing is producing solid accurate golf shots. The goal is to be sure the student understands the fundamentals including ball flight laws and how to self diagnose problems.

Short Game

The best golfers in the world all have solid reliable short games. I insure there is a good understanding of the basic short game shots; chip, pitch, flop shots as well as bunker play. Various drills and practice techniques used.


It’s truly the “game within a game”, putting requires the most attention yet most golfers work on it the least. I work with students to simplify putting by focusing on simple HABITS that enable golfers to utilize their number one tool for putting, the eyes.

Mental Game

How much do you think about “how to drive” your car when you are driving?Yet when you where first sitting behind the wheel,  I bet you were a bit shaky and had to think about it. We all learn those skills once, then just drive the rest of our lives.  I coach golfers to think about the target, use a brisk routine then trust the swing.


I can't believe I waited 14 years to get a putting lesson. An hour with Rich took 4 strokes immediately off my average round.

Joe G.

I enjoy practicing golf but need a lesson from time to time to keep me from getting too many ideas in my head. Rich is flexible to your goals in golf and has an energy about the sport that gets you excited. His knowledge and passion for finding "your" right golf swing is top notch, teachings leverages training aides, pga tour player swing thoughts, and technology to help find the fun in your golf game.

Brandon D.